Animal Path Healing

Three symbols were given for Animal Path Healing. They can be used for self healing, guidance, building a stronger connection to spirit and distance healing.


Distance healing begins with the receiver stating “I accept the Animal Path Healing energy for my highest spiritual growth at this time on this day in this year.” Trust your animal guides to know what is needed. Begin with your intent and state it to the Universe. You are the vehicle to initiate the intent. The intention is healing and spiritual growth.


As human beings we are often filled with regret, guilt, sadness, frustration over things that have happened to us in the past. Carrying those feelings around with you can create energy blocks in our bodies. The symbols can be used in a meditation for release. Call upon animal track to ask for animal guidance as needed in your meditation. Those that are needed are aware of the need and they will come to your aid. You could also use the Hearing Spirit symbol to strengthen your ability to hear the messages that may be available to you. Use the Clear Path symbol and see yourself walking along the path. Allow whatever feelings you may have to surface and go through you. Allow yourself to feel the emotion that comes to you and then release it in peace and gratitude for the lessons it taught. Animals do not carry grief, regrets or guilt. They live in the present.


End your journey on the clear path to walk forward with a renewed sense of yourself and where you want to be going. Begin with the here and now.

You will be attuned to Master level and can pass this attunement to others.

All of the information for the course will be e-mailed to you.


Animal Path Healing – $30

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