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Unicorn Energy Healing

The Unicorn Healing System is a wonderful and pure energy. The system introduces you mystical, secret and unique nature of the Unicorns. You will be attuned to their beautiful and pure energies. Unicorns have very mystic natures and are very magical. Symbolically they represent the innocence, purity and love of the heart. The Unicorn’s horn …

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Spiritual Animal Ascension Reiki

The Spiritual Animal Ascension Reiki attunement connects you to Spirit, strengthens your abilities in animal communication and understanding, and works to help you with ascension in the area of animals and nature. This attunement also helps with healing both yourself and animals. Spiritual Animal Ascension Reiki helps animals to cross over when it is time, …

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Phoenix Rising Reiki

The Phoenix Rising Reiki was founded and channelled by Linda Colibert. The phoenix represents rising above life’s challenges and circumstances whether this is financial, relationships and health etc.   This beautiful bird of Myth and Magic is generally seen in the colors of red, golden yellow, and sometimes the Phoenix will have a slight tint …

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Animal Reiki

Animal Reiki is a lovely course that helps you understand animal chakras. Gives you an additional perspective on animal healing. No healer should be without it. You will be attuned to Master level and can pass this attunement to others.   You will be attuned to Master level and can pass this attunement to others. …

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Animal Path Healing

Three symbols were given for Animal Path Healing. They can be used for self healing, guidance, building a stronger connection to spirit and distance healing.   Distance healing begins with the receiver stating “I accept the Animal Path Healing energy for my highest spiritual growth at this time on this day in this year.” Trust …

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Animal Light Communication

This amazing course is perfect if you are looking to enhance your communication with animals. Learn to understand what they are trying to tell you or how they are feeling just by looking into their eyes. You will be attuned to Master level and can pass this attunement to others. All of the information for …

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9 Animal Empowerments

9 Animal Empowerments will attune you to the different energies of the 9 animals as listed below. Use their energy in your shaman work or as healing for yourself or others. Access their animal medicine afor your own wisdom.   There is one attunement to connect you to all of these animals. Connect yourself with: …

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Angels Of The Earth Animal Healing

It is recommended that you be a Reiki Master, or/and Kundalini Master to receive this attunement. However, this is only a suggestion. If you have some experience working with energy healing and other reiki systems, then you may still receive this attunement. There are symbols in this system and the energies are of a very …

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